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Recent content by djct1999

  1. djct1999

    I'm assuming everyone is content with our play

    I am pretty sure no one, fans, coaches, players are content with tonights game. I am also pretty sure its important to keep things in context. It was a bad game. We still won. Move on. The positives were our fifth year seniors. Thats it.
  2. djct1999

    Seeking Your Thoughts On Akok

    The next time Akok makes an impact on the floor in a competitive game will also be his first time.
  3. djct1999

    VCU UConn thoughts

    I said undermanned for the Michigan Staye game. What don’t you get?
  4. djct1999

    VCU UConn thoughts

    Is Kansas any good or should we define them by today’s loss? Sometimes in college basketball you get weird results especially early on in the year. To micro analyze today’s game, our 3rd in 48 hours is perhaps the craziest thing.
  5. djct1999

    VCU UConn thoughts

    If your Hurley, you throw today’s tape in the garbage before viewing it. The kids were obviously fatigued, physically and mentally. That said, they still found a way to win an ugly game vs a very good defensive team. That builds character and resolve. This three day trip will go along way in...
  6. djct1999

    VCU UConn thoughts

    People need to relax. We played 3 games in 48 hours and the first game went to double overtime. We were undermanned yesterday and gassed today. Under normal circumstances and rest we beat Mich State and destroy VCU. The scheduling of this tournament made no sense and UConn was probably...
  7. djct1999

    This loss is on the coach

    and the fact they played a double ot, fast paced, high intensity game 19 hours earlier had nothing to do with execution.
  8. djct1999

    MSU Opens as 1 pt Favorite.

    this is starting out as the best thanksgiving ever! +1.5, gobble gobble.
  9. djct1999

    Any word on Whaley

    From the wrench himself:
  10. djct1999


    C+ is totally absurd. Auburn is a very good team with a future top 5 pick. From the first tip to the last whistle, the pace and intensity was in fifth gear. We took punches, we punched back and earned a resume helping win. Given this was our fifth game, this was an impressive performance all...
  11. djct1999

    2023 Recruiting Stephon Castle Commits to UConn

    Part of the appeal of playing for Hurley is he always puts the player's best interest first. If Castle plays himself into the lottery after his freshman year, without question Hurley will encourage him to make the jump. Any great coach would.
  12. djct1999

    2023 Recruiting Stephon Castle

    Dan Hurley. The Carpenter.
  13. djct1999

    This team is loaded

    Hurley was successful at every level. He knew with the pedigree and resources at UConn, he could recruit elite athletes to bring us all the way back. It was the perfect hire and this is just the beginning of great things to come.
  14. djct1999

    MNT's 2021

    Just think how good we can be w a healthy Reyna, a fit Pulisic and an emerging Bussio. 2022 will be fun!
  15. djct1999

    MNT's 2021

    Yes, really.
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