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  1. Deepster

    2021 New England Patriots Thread

    Not one bit. I am a football fan before I’m a jets fan and watch pretty much 95% of games that are on via TNF SNF MNF and RedZone. I know the Jets are a laughingstock.
  2. Deepster

    2021 New England Patriots Thread

    Alex Smith was a "fine" game manager who was a stopgap fill-in for a bunch of teams and the best thing you can say about him is he didn't hurt their chances when he was in. The poster here is annointing Jones as maybe the best rookie QB ever. Wow. Bananaland.
  3. Deepster

    2021 New England Patriots Thread

    Where'd you get that crystal ball? Can I get one?
  4. Deepster

    2021 New England Patriots Thread

    It is waaaaaaay too early to make that statement. Mac Jones could easily become the next Alex Smith over time. A conservative short route "game manager" and Wilson could just as easily click and make a significant leap, even by year's end. Three garbage Jets QB's (White, Johnson, Flacco) have...
  5. Deepster

    2021 New England Patriots Thread

    Yes. I disagree. One of the best rookie quarterbacks "ever"? LOL. Mac Jones and Zach Wilson have both played Houston, Atlanta, Tennessee and Carolina. Jones = 892 yards, 5 TDs, 4 ints. Wilson = 887 yards, 5 TDs, 4 ints. Jones has looked really good. Safe, conservative game plan. Rely on...
  6. Deepster

    I'm assuming everyone is content with our play

    This thread is garbage. Can we just hit fast forward to the annual "We should play all games at Gampel" thread?
  7. Deepster

    2021 New England Patriots Thread

    Good lord.
  8. Deepster

    Artificial Christmas trees?

    Fake trees are awful. You've given up on even trying anymore when you resign to setting up one of them. Stop being lazy and pathetic, get in your car, go cut down a tree and spend an hour or two doing something traditional and festive for chrissakes.
  9. Deepster

    Mets Hot Stove '21-'22

    Hypothetically speaking, deGrom and Scherzer could pitch 4 games in a 7 game series. Just need to get there...
  10. Deepster


    His body language after that turnover was the exact opposite of Caron Butler.
  11. Deepster


    I’ll take the different path here. We are not having problems scoring. Jackson is more polished in all facets of the game. AJ has the minutes of the two until he loses that right.
  12. Deepster

    Check out the box score!

    I am starting to think he will just never be a traditional "scorer". You're absolutely correct that his entries into Sanogo later on were game changers. I think we may need to adjust expectations to him just being a huge X factor.
  13. Deepster

    Jabari Smith! Jabari Smith! Jabari Smith!

    Glad to see this thread correct the original title and sentiment. Seemed like a really polished and next level player. Was a pleasure to watch....of course, better that he came out on the losing end.
  14. Deepster

    Thoughts on UConn Auburn

    My one worry so far is how we’d adjust if we lost Cole for any extended period of time. We really lean on him for what he does and no one else comes close.
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