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    Men MSOC Coach Ray Reid announces retirement.

    Not a bad idea naming the field after Ray Reid. As I mentioned before in these threads, I kind of figured Reid would retire after a full season of coaching the team in the new soccer facility, but I have to admit I wasn't totally confident it would happen. People talk about the donation he...
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    Men Fall men’s soccer schedule

    I doubt too many schools would fire a coach who won a national championship, and then continued to make the NCAA tourney for another 13 straight seasons, even with all the premature exits from those tournaments that grated on fans of the team. Not to mention that UConn men's soccer was among...
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    Men UConn Baseball 2022

    My wife and I have been donating to UConn athletics for about 25 years now, give or take a year. UConn Athletics sends us a form every year. The trick to becoming a member of the Dugout Club (which basically gets you on a Chris Jones email list) is that on this form you designate a portion of...
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    Syracuse DI Hockey?

    Not a season ticket holder for men's ice hockey, but I'll look you up if we make it to a game.
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    Syracuse DI Hockey?

    Agreed. The only team from outside New England to compete in Hockey East was Notre Dame. That sure didn't work out. Seriously doubt Hockey East is about repeat that experiment and add a team that far outside its base region. Especially a school with pretty much no college ice hockey history...
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    Huskies in the Pros (Baseball)
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    Shame on the Courant

    To me it is sad to see any newspaper die or getting close to death. To me It is even sadder when a community loses its newspaper, no matter how poor the paper might have been. I would probably feel this way no matter what, but I am no doubt partly influenced by the fact that my wife is a...
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    Men Fall men’s soccer schedule

    It was indeed a sad day when Joe Morrone was forced out of the program, even if UConn men's soccer was not on the same level it had been the previous decade when he left the program. The work he put into building the UConn soccer program and building interest in soccer (including youth soccer)...
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    Men UConn Fall Baseball 2021

    Love these fall ball event videos.
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    UConn v. #15 UMass Lowell (Saturday 11/20/21 @ Tsongas Center @ 3:35p on NESN & Sunday 11/21/21 @ XL Center @ 3:35 on CW20)

    UConn on the power play at about the 8 minute mark of the 3rd period. Nothing comes of it.
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    Shame on the Courant

    By my count the Courant now has four sports reporters, and they are probably stretched to the limit. Dom Amore seems to cover everything under the sun. They have a new reporter covering UConn men's basketball, another reporter covering women's basketball. Lori Riley seems to primarily cover...
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