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    Dee Kantner as a ref...

    This topic is so terminally boring, and so much more worthy of a Notre Dame forum than one of ours. Refs are a necessary part of the game. Are they perfect? Is the Pope Jewish? Yes, bad calls of a highly subjective nature will be made. Whatever blown calls there are affect an ultimate win or...
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    (OT) What's been your reaction to Covid-19 vaccine ?

    I got two doses of the Pfizer with no side effects from either. From that information one can deduce nothing. Some people get side-effects, some (even more) don’t, and age, gender, blood type, astrological sign, none of ‘em are predictors. What’s important is a: if you get side effects they’ll...
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    Tennesse vs South Carolina

    So South Carolina goes on the road and blows one against a well-coached and improving Tennessee. What does that say about SC? About the same thing that the UConn loss at Arkansas said about UConn...not a lot. I get a kick out of the fact that as deep as Tennessee hatred runs on our forum, for a...
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    St Johns Early Pre Game Pressers. 02/15

    I love Geno! My ever-more-acerbic wife (58 years of bliss coming up next week!), who's never inclined to cut me much slack, and who possesses what might be best described as an eye-rolling response to my passion for UConn WBB, observed me watching the Geno presser. In her inimitable fashion, she...
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    Dawn in retrospect with comments and a question - what constitutes throwing players under the bus?

    Dawn is very straight-talking, sometimes to a fault. She is street smart and cocky. She is brash and in your face. Good thing we UConn fans don’t have somebody like that coaching our team!!!
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    Refs and Announcers

    Whether our favorite team loses, or, as on Monday, wins a tight game, one inevitable and unrelentingly tiresome consequence of such an event will be the emergence of the usual chorus of complaint about all of the “blown” calls delivered by the referees. It’s as though all the missed open shots...
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    SC Postgame Thread

    Excellent defensive game plan by Dawn. SC shut down UConn’s game down low, and cut off the slash and drive game, usually Christyn’s bread and butter. As a result, she dared Liv and Aaliyah to hit from the outside, which neither could do. Folks are upset that Liv kept shooting from out there, but...
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    Marquette Coach's Pregame Presser

    As fans of WCBB, and in recognition of the fact that the inequity curve in the game is flattening, we should all be gratified to see the emergence of such classy coaches, like this one and several others our favorite team have faced recently. Yagotta like her...a lot!
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    Saylor Poffenbarger St. John's Pregrame Availability

    Like, personally, I really like, well, like you know, hearing kids of this age talk these days. Its like if they were like deprived of the use of a certain word in the lexicon, they’d like be rendered like mute! But, like still, how can one not like her?
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    What we learned about this UConn women’s basketball team in its 90-87 loss to Arkansas

    We learned three things from the game: 1. To borrow a term from the pandemic, the curve is flattening. The talent disparities in WCBB that used to characterize the sport, and from which UCONN was long the beneficiary, are gradually evening out. Coaching is getting better,(see Kellie Harper, Mike...
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    Mike Neighbors

    As a fan of women's basketball, I find it so gratifying for my favorite team to go up against truly classy teams, made classy by their truly classy coaches, to wit:
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    No Kibitzer??

    Np Badass(es) of the game awards? Is The Oracle ok?
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    Kellie Harper

    Traditionally, on our Board, a lot of posters have been so mired in Tennessee hatred that they were blind to how great the rivalry once was for women's basketball. The dismal results achieved by UT under Holly Warlick obviously took a lot of the edge off the prospect of that rivalry, which was a...
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    Providence Post Game Thread

    Agreed! Way too much is made of the issue of which players start. For anyone who has played this game, or for any astute observer, there is an understanding of the importance of specific "roles" in team success. In that regard, there's no substitute for a player who can come off the bench and...
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    UConn/Baylor Game Cancelled

    Well, obviously, the “small stuff” to which I alluded, has to do with losing a game. Yes, Covid is deadly serious, but a lot of otherwise conscientious people were faced with tough personal decisions around the holidays. Unlike you, I would not be so quick to brand Kim with a scarlett C across...
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